Making Connections


The TACTYC Board consists of full-time accounting faculty from across the country. The all volunteer Board is comprised of five elected members of the Executive Committee, a past president, and up to nine at large members who are appointed by the Executive Committee. Other past presidents serve as advisors to the Board. The Board meets three times each year to conduct the business of the organization and plan the annual TACTYC conference.

Andy Williams, President

Matt Probst, VP of Conference Planning and Professional Liaison Chair

Brenda Mattison, VP of Conference Administration

Lori Hatchell, Treasurer and CPE coordinator

Tracie Miller-Nobles, Secretary and Webmaster


Connie Belden, Scholarship Committee Chair

Carol Hughes, Presentation Chair

Hank Wallace,  Volunteer Coordinator

Cathy Scott, Member at Large

Larry Stephens, Member at Large

Idalene Williams, Member at Large

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