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AAA Cook Prize Winners
 and Information.pdf                





Wiley Digital Promotion.pdf

US Wiley Data Analytics and Accounting Module One Pager.pdf

Wiley Analytics in Action Questions One Pager.pdf

Wiley CMA Exam Prep Flyer.pdf    

Wiley CPA Exam Prep Flyer.pdf

Wiley CPA Excel Flyer - Kieso Intermediate Accounting and Johnson Auditing.pdf

Wiley Data Set Library One Pager.pdf

Wiley Data Visualization Assignments One Pager.pdf

Wiley Efficient Learning Resources and Skills Flyer.pdf



Pearson Accounting Catalog.pdf

Data Analytics Information.pdf

Pearson_Thomas Tietz Financial
Accounting 13e Product Information.pdf

Pearson_TACTYC 2021 Swag Flyer_final.pdf



Armond Promo Video.mp4   


Lyryx Learning POSTER.pdf 

What's Free Lab - Lyryx.png

Lyryx Open Text - Intro. to Financial Accounting -USGAAP-2021A.pdf

Lyryx Phone Wallpaper - Know your worth.png

Lyryx Phone Wallpaper - I work out.png

Lyryx Phone Wallpaper - Audit you can be.png

Lyryx Phone Wallpaper - Accountants work their assets off.png

Lyryx Desktop Wallpaper - Know your worth.png

Lyryx Desktop Wallpaper - I work out 1.png

Lyryx Desktop Wallpaper - Audit you can be.png 

Lyryx Desktop Wallpaper - Accountants work their assets off.png

Lyryx Learning_Video1.mp4

Lyryx Leearning Video2.mp4

Lyryx Learning_Video3.mp4


Case Study - Financial Accounting - Hubro.pdf

How to test Hubro Business Simulation.pdf

Hubro Education Brochure.pdf

Introduction to Hubro Business Simulation.mp4


AccountingPod for QuickBooks Online and Data Analytics.pdf                                                                      

AccountingPod for QuickBooks Online.mp4



Ledger Mania Online Game

Ledger Mania Board Game

Ledger Mania Read Me
Thank You.pdf


CMA Opportunity Academic Flyer-2021.pdf




Wolters Kluwer Tax _ Accounting Books - May 2021.xlsx

Student Promo Flyer 2020-update_Waite.pdf

Student Promo Flyer 2020-update_Zavala.pdf


UiPath and Academic Alliance.pdf

UiPath Academic Alliance - Course Catalog.pdf

UiPath Academic Alliance - Get Started.pdf

UiPath Academic Alliance - Program Brochure.pdf

UiPath Academic Alliance - Program Guide.pdf

UiPath Academic Alliance Program Guide.mp4                  



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