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In - Person Conference Schedule

Portland, Oregon

*Schedule is subject to change*

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Thursday, May 18th 2 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Check-in for in-person attendees begins at 2 p.m.      
  5:00-6:30 Reception - For paid attendees and paid guests only      
Session Time Title

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NASBA Class  
Friday, May 19          
  7:00-8:30 Breakfast Buffet      
  8:30-8:45 Welcoming Remarks Tracie Miller-Nobles    
  8:45-9:45 Keynote Speaker - Stronger Than Before:  Resilience and Joy in Post-Pandemic Teaching
Flower Darby
Personal Development
  Session 1        

1.1 10:00-10:50 Keynote Follow-up - Emotional Presence in Online Teaching:  Boosting Learning Through Affective Science
 Flower Darby
Personal Development  
1.2 10:00-10:50 Instructional Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching Jill Mitchell
Personal Development  
1.3 10:00-10:50 Video Creation from Amateur to Pro DeAnna Martin Personal Development Technology Session
1.4 10:00-10:50 Communication and Feedback with Students Requires Peanuts and Gorilla Tape George Pate Personal Development  
1.5 10:00-10:50 A Unifying Schema for Topics in Management Accounting Bill Tayler Managerial Accounting
1.6 10:00-10:50 The Role of Two Year Colleges in Professional Accounting Apprenticeships Nora Luquer Personal Development  
1.7 10:00-10:50

Sponsored Session - AccountingPod

AccountingPod Authentic Assessments, Hands On Session with Xero, QuickBooks, Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Python

 XingDong Yan and Judith Cambridge
Information Technology
  Session 2        
2.1 11:00-11:50 HyFlex Teaching:  The Trials and Tribulations Christina Manzo Personal Development  
2.2 11:00-11:50 Set the Stage for Students to Engage Karen Farmer and Amy Fredin
Personal Development  
2.3 11:00-11:50 ESG Reporting Projects for Introductory Accounting Wendy Tietz and Tracie Miller-Nobles Personal Development Technology Session
2.4 11:00-11:50 Center for Audit Quality's DEI Talent Pipeline Initiative Liz Barentzen
Communications and Marketing
2.5 11:00-11:50 Using Your Network of Business and Accounting Professionals to Bring Real-World Learning Activities into the Classroom Geoff Hiller Personal Development  
2.6 11:00-11:50 Forging a Growth Mindset in Accounting Paulette Schirmer and Jeanette Landing
Personal Development  
2.7 11:00-11:50

Sponsored Session - Certiport (Pearson)


  Personal Development  
  12:00-1:20 Lunch:  Scholarship Presentation, Cook Prize Recognition and TACTYC Opportunities Tracie Miller-Nobles    
  Session 3        
3.1 1:20-2:10 Tax Update Steve Gill Taxes
3.2 1:20-2:10 Thinking About Thinking:  Critical Thinking Skills for Accounting Students
Kristy McAuliffe Personal Development  
3.3 1:20-2:10 Preparing Students for Career Success Using Micro-Credentialing Laurie Burney Communications and Marketing
Technology Session
3.4 1:20-2:10 Regular and Substantive Interaction in Online Classes Stephanie Swaim Personal Development  
3.5 1:20-2:10 Creative Ethics in Accounting Jerrilyn Eisenhuaer Ethics  
3.6 1:20-2:10 Industry Session   Personal Development  
3.7 1:20-2:10 Sponsored Session - NABA


 Guylaine Saint Juste
Personal Development  
  Session 4        
4.1 2:20-3:10 Sparking In-Class Small-Group Discussions Earl Kay Stice and Scotty Pectol Personal Development  
4.2 2:20-3:10 Culturally Responsive Pedagogies in  today's Accounting Curriculum  Darryl Lesesne Personal Development  
4.3 2:20-3:10 Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization in Financial Accounting Shana Clor Proell Information Technology
Technology Session
4.4 2:20-3:10 How to Cure Zoom Fatigue and Humanize Online Classes Aileen Huang Personal Development  
4.5 2:20-3:10 Getting Students to Prepare for Class
Brenda Mattison
Personal Development  
4.6 2:20-3:10

American Accounting Association Teaching Resources You May Not Know About

Karen Osterheld Personal Development  
4.7 2:20-3:10

Sponsored Session - Pearson


  Personal Development  
  3:10-3:40 Refreshment Break      
  Session 5        
5.1 3:40-4:30 How to Recruit and Retain Accounting Majors Mark Edmonds Communications and Marketing
5.2 3:40-4:30 After All These Years, I've Finally Flipped Linda Tarrago Personal Development  
5.3 3:40-4:30 Throw Away Those Interest Charts - Teach Time Value of Money with Excel Debby Bloom Computer Software and Applications
Technology Session
5.4 3:40-4:30 Escape Room Game for Exam Review Janice Akao Personal Development  
5.5 3:40-4:30 Lessons Learned with Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Online Learning Practices Robyn Barrett and Amy Monson Personal Development  
5.6 3:40-4:30 Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting Delivered in Two (2) Sequential Eight (8) Week Sessions Deacon Hanson Personal Development  
5.7 3:40-4:30

Sponsored Session - KPMG

Community College Programs and Initiatives available from KPMG

 Yamena Qutub and Bette Kozlowski
Personal Development  
  Session 6        
6.1 4:40-5:30 Is there Academic Integrity Anymore? The Challenges of High Tech in Today’s Educational Environment.  Cathy Scott and Markus Ahrens Personal Development  
6.2 4:40-5:30 Virtual Interaction with Students in Person and Online Courses Monique Kelley Personal Development  
6.3 4:40-5:30 5 Steps to Transforming Class Videos into YouTube Hits!
Jonathan Wild Personal Development Technology Session
6.4 4:40-5:30 Maintaining Student Engagement During COVID:  The Business Leadership Community Shelia Lozan and Judith Paquett Personal Development  
6.5 4:40-5:30 Tips and Tricks for Teaching QuickBooks Online Crystalynn Shelton Computer Software Applications
6.6 4:40-5:30 Developing a Course Pathway and Support System for Students to Succeed on the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Mike Deschamps Personal Development  
6.7 4:40-5:30

Sponsored Session - PwC

Helping Students Understand Opportunities in the Accounting Profession

Julie Peters, Mandy Wilson, Megan Nunan Personal Development  
Saturday, May 20          
  7:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast      
  Session 7        
7.1 8:30-9:20 Beyond  Accessibility: Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Classroom Kelli Blount Personal Development  
7.2 8:30-9:20 If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: 12 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Teaching Wendy Tietz and Rachel Gambol Information Technology
7.3 8:30-9:20 Assessment of Formulas in Excel for Accounting Problems Christine Jonick and Ashraf Mady
Computer Software and Applications
Technology Session
7.4 8:30-9:20 Are Our Students Prepared to Successfully Enter the Accounting Workforce? Lori Hatchell and Gina Jones Personal Development  
7.5 8:30-9:20 Teaching Students to Stop and Think: Using Mini-Cases to Introduce Students to Practical Problems
Jason Porter
Personal Development  
7.6 8:30-9:20 AICPA Foundational Competencies for Aspiring CPA's
Jan Taylor and Anna Howard
Personal Development  
7.7 8:30-9:20

Sponsored Session - EY

EY Academic Center:  Long-term Value and Sustainability Reporting Curriculum Resources

 Joni Fisher
Personal Development  
  Session 8        



Technology and Teaching Roundtables:

Motivating Students for Late Start Classes

  Teresa Thompson

Demonstrate the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process Using QuickBooks Online 

  Jenifer Johnson

Data Analytics in Financial Accounting – Alteryx and The General Ledger Case

  Mark Friedman

Sack Lunches and Equivalent Units of Production

  Renae Stout

Keeping in Touch with Industry Best Practices

  Lily Davidov

Moderator:  Lori Hatchell

Personal Development

8.2 9:30-10:20 Students Don't Learn Like We Did. Now What? Karen Farmer Personal Development  
8.3 9:30-10:20 Creating Data Validated Homework Templates Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan Computer Software and Applications
Technology Session
8.4 9:30-10:20 Use of OER and Interactive Online Learning in an Introductory Financial Accounting MOOC David Annand Personal Development  
8.5 9:30-10:20 Best Practices to create a student event to enhance the understanding of accounting beyond the classroom. Lynn Clark, Lily Davidov, Mark Sasseti and Joseph Margolias Personal Development  
8.6 9:30-10:20 Developing Students Through an Accounting Club Franklin Asante and Carolyn Christesen Personal Development  
8.7 9:30-10::20

Sponsored Session - Stukent, Inc.


 Heather Somsen
Personal Development  
  Session 9        
9.1 10:30-11:20 Using Embed Tutors in Principles of Accounting 1 Classes Stacie Bailey and Stephen Simone Personal Development  
9.2 10:30-11:20 TBD
Personal Development  
9.3 10:30-11:20 A Decision Analytics Case for Hybrid and Online Managerial Accounting Stacey Whitecotton
Personal Development Technology Session
9.4 10:30-11:20 Teaching Ethics in Accounting Connie Belden Ethics  
9.5 10:30-11:20 Developing a Bridge From Community College to University Larry Stephens, Lori Hatchell, Kecia Williams Smith, Joseph Ugrin, Tracie Miller Personal Development  



Technology and Teaching Roundtables:

Puzzles for Accounting Review

  Wendy Tietz

A study of the Effectiveness of Faculty Recorded Video Lectures in Asynchronous Online Accounting Courses and Analysis of Viewer Demographic Data

  Patricia Goedl

The State of the States' Inconsistent Treatment of Community College Credit for CPA Licensure

  Mark Ulrich

The Benefits of Being in a Stock Market Club to Accounting Students

  Wilfredo Moran

Use of OER and Interactive Online Learning in an Introductory Financial Accounting MOOC

  David Annand

Preparing for Workforce Readiness

  Pat Hartley

 Moderator:  Stephanie Swaim

Personal Development

9.7 10:30-11:20

Sponsored Session - Wiley


  Personal Development  
  11:30 Raffles, Rewards and Wrap-Up      
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