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In - Person Conference Schedule

Arlington, VA

*Schedule is subject to change*

Thursday, May 16th        

2:00-6:30 p.m.
Registration and Check-in

  2:00-4:30 Group Tour (for pre-paid attendees and guest only) - Meet in Lobby at 2 p.m.
  5:00-6:30 Meet and Greet Reception    

Exhibit Hall Open


Session Time Title Presenter NASBA Class
Friday, May 17th        
  7:00-8:30 Breakfast Buffet and Late Registration Check-in
  8:30-8:45 Welcoming Remarks Tracie Miller, President, TACTYC
  8:45-9:45 Keynote: 
15,925,248 Ways to Improve the Equity of Grading Scheme
Michael Palmer Personal Development - 1.0
  Session 1      
1.1 10:00-10:50 Keynote Follow-up: Grading Equity Workshop Michael Palmer Personal Development - 1.0
1.2 10:00-10:50 Looking Backward...What Worked, What didn't, and How we Survived.  Reflections on a Bazillion Years in the Classroom.

Brenda Mattison, Susan Crosson, Lanny Nelms, and Andy Williams

Moderator:  Carol Hughes

Personal Development - 1.0
1.3 10:00-10:50 ChatGPT and Fair Play:  The Battle for Exam Integrity John Wild Information Technology - 1.0
1.4 10:00-10:50 Ethics - Creative Accounting Jerrilyn Eisenhauer Behavioral Ethics - 1.0
1.5 10:00-10:50 Hands on Job Order Costing Project Gerald Childs Accounting 1.0
1.6 10:00-10:50

Sponsor Session by Certiport -
Unlocking Success in Accounting Education:  Empowering Learners with Industry-Recognized Certifications

 Scott Stoddart
Human Resources - 1.0


 Sponsored Session by NABA -
Empowering Tomorrow's Accountants:  NABA"s Commitment to Building a Pipeline
 Guylaine Saint Juste
 Personal Development - 1.0

  Session 2      
2.1 11:00-11:50 Changing Students Perception of Financial Accounting Wayne Thomas Personal Development - 1.0
2.2 11:00-11:50 Active Learning:  The Key to Unlocking Student Success Kristy McAuliffe, Susan Eason, and John Mayes Personal Development - 1.0
2.3 11:00-11:50 AI:  Your Teaching and Personal Assistant Marilyn Brooks-Lewis Information Technology - 1.0
2.4 11:00-11:50 How to Make Accounting Videos that Students Want to Watch Tony Bell Personal Development - 1.0
2.5 11:00-11:50 Can Today's Young Adults "Student" on Their Own? Karen Farmer
Personal Development - 1.0
2.6 11:00-11:50

Sponsored Session by AICPA and CIMA -
Earn and Learn - College and Career Pathway

 Joanne Fiore, Faith Balshan, and Nora Luquer
 Personal Development - 1.0
2.711:00-11:50Sponsored Session by Hock International - Creating In-Demand Graduates:  Combining Education and CertificationsBrian HockPersonnel/
Human Resources - 1.0

  12:00-1:10 Lunch:  Scholarship Presentation, TACTYC Opportunities, and Cook Prize Announcement Tracie Miller  
    How to Recruit and Retain Accounting Majors Mark Edmonds Communications and Marketing - 1.0
  Session 3      
3.1 1:20-2:10 Sponsored Session by AAA -
Update on Accounting Pipeline Initiatives and How You Can Contribute
Gerald Childs, Rebecca Shortridge, and Susan McCarthy

Moderator:  Karen Osterheld
Communications and
Marketing - 1.0
3.2 1:20-2:10 Culturally Responsive Pedagogies in Today's Accounting Curriculum Darryl Lesesne  Personal Development - 1.0
3.3 1:20-2:10 ChatGPT and Teaching Accounting: Threats and Opportunities Earl Stice Information Technology - 1.0
3.4 1:20-2:10 OER (free) Financial and Managerial Complete Learning Systems
Ann Weiss and Hailey Hobbs
Personal Development - 1.0
3.5 1:20-2:10 Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom Dylan Curtis Personal Development - 1.0
3.6 1:20-2:10 Sponsored Session by KMPG -
KPMG University Connection:  Free Classroom Resources and Tools to Enhance the Student Experience
 Bette Kozlowski, Yamena Qutub, and Harrison Bass
 Personal Development - 1.0

  Session 4      
4.1 2:20-3:10 Leveraging Technology to Create an Equitable and Inclusive Learning Environment Cathy Scott and Markus Ahrens Personal Development - 1.0
4.2 2:20-3:10 Pain Points in Introductory Financial Accounting Gina Jones and Dawn Reed Personal Development - 1.0
4.3 2:20-3:10 Mentoring 101:  Debunking Myths and Building Networks Debora Constable and Ernest Asare-Nkansah Personal Development - 1.0
4.4 2:20-3:10 Creating Regular and Substantive Interaction in Online Accounting CoursesTracie Miller and Stephanie Swaim
Personal Development - 1.0
4.5 2:20-3:10 Tax Update Steve Gill Taxes - 1.0
4.6 2:20-3:10

Sponsored Session by McGraw-Hill -
Inspiring Students Towards a Career in Accounting

 Mark Edmonds
 Personal Development - 1.0
  3:10-3:40 Refreshment Break    
  Session 5      
5.1 3:40-4:30 Present and Future Trends in Teaching Introductory Accounting Jefferson Jones  Personal Development - 1.0
5.2 3:40-4:30 Three Strategies for Inspiring Students in Online/HyFlex/Face-to-Face Courses Jonathan Wild Personal Development - 1.0
5.3 3:40-4:30 OER:  Introduction to Data Analytics Technology David Annand Information Technology - 1.0
5.4 3:40-4:30 Top Three Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention DeAnna Martin Personal Development - 1.0
5.5 3:40-4:30 TACTYC Talks
Moderator: Carol Hughes and Lori Hatchell Personal Development - 1.0
         A.   Using VITA to Create Connections Carol Hughes  
         C. Exam Wrappers Jill Mitchell  
         D. Teach Bonds and Liabilities with Excel Debby Bloom  
         E.  Creating Context and Community in Introductory Accounting  Susan McCarthy  
5.6 3:40-4:30 Sponsored Session by PwC -
Helping Students Understand Opportunities in the Accounting Profession
 Allie McCartney and Kitsy Blanc  Personal Development - 1.0
  Session 6      
6.1 4:40-5:30 Exceptional Teaching:  Reflections of the Cook Prize Winners Karen Osterheld, Larry Stephens, Jill Mitchell, Sidney Askew and Connie Belden Personal Development - 1.0
6.2 4:40-5:30 Twenty-Five Quick Tips/Trips/Techniques to Raise the Engagement and Socialization Levels in Your Accounting Classes David Krug Personal Development - 1.0
6.3 4:40-5:30 Three Clicks to Critical Thinking Vernon Richardson Personal Development - 1.0
6.4 4:40-5:30 Incorporating Microsoft Excel into your Financial Accounting Course Eric Weinstein Information Technology - 1.0
6.5 4:40-5:30 Industry Speaker - Can an Accountant Build a Career in ESG
Hermant Shah (with WaterEquity)
 Personal Development - 1.0
6.6 4:40-5:30

Sponsored Session by Wiley -

Rewriting the Story:  How to Increase Student Buy-in and Engagement in Managerial and Cost Accounting

 Karen Farmer and Veronica Schram
 Personal Development - 1.0
  6:30-9:00 50th Gala Dinner    
Saturday, May 18th

Continental Breakfast

Session 7      
7.1 8:30-9:20 The Upcycled Bag Company Cases:  Step-by-Step Excel Pivot Table Tutorials for Introductory Accounting Rachel Gambol and Wendy Tietz Information Technology - 1.0
7.2 8:30-9:20 Empowering Accounting Education:  Harnessing AI in Two-Year Community Colleges George Pate Information Technology - 1.0
7.3 8:30-9:20 TACTYC Talks Moderator: Lori Hatchel and Teresa ThompsonPersonal Development - 1.0
         A. Tips for Engaging Students with a Culture of Care Kelly Lemons  
         B. The Fun Side of Accounting: Using Edutainment to Teach the Accounting Cycle Marsha Peters  
         C. Infusing Environmental Justice into Introductory Accounting Susan McCarthy  
         D. Flipgrid Videos as Assessments in QuickBooks Courses Melissa Stitt  
        E. An Academic Service-Learning Approach to Teach Accounting Wilfredo Moran
7.4 8:30-9:20 Evolution of a Service-Learning Program Adria Vasquez and Adelfino Palacios, Jr. Personal Development - 1.0
7.5 8:30-9:20 Preparing for Workforce Readiness Pat Hartley
Human Resources - 1.0
7.6 8:30-9:20 Sponsored Session by Cengage -
Elevate Learning and Critical Thinking Skills with QuickBooks Online, Excel, and Data Analytics in Your Accounting Course.
 Cathy Scott and Connie Belden
 Information Technology - 1.
  Session 8      
8.1 9:30-10:20 Living on the Fringe…Benefits Jeanette Landin and Paulette Schirmer Personal Development - 1.0
8.2 9:30-10:20 The Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education Connie Belden Personal Development - 1.0
8.3 9:30-10:20 TACTYC Talks Moderator: Lori Hatchel and Teresa Thompson
Personal Development - 1.0
         A.  Mentorship Pilot Program  Carolyn Christesen and Frank Asante  
         B. Innovative Chat AI for Enhancing Learning - Let's Share! Perry Sellers  
        C. Ten Lab Ideas for Using Analytics in Managerial Accounting Vernon Richardson  
       D. Teaching Financial and Managerial Accounting to the Non-Accounting Major Reed Peoples
8.4 9:30-10:20 Adding Industry Certifications to Your Accounting Course Erin Hall and Natalie Young Marketing and
Communications - 1.0
8.5 9:30-10::20 Blast to the Past…Practices that Result in Better Student Performance in Financial Accounting Adam Smith Personal Development - 1.0
8.6 9:30-10:20

Sponsored Session by Pearson -

Bridging the Gap from Classroom to Career with Pearson

 Wendy Tietz, Tracie Miller, Stephanie Swaim, Sara Eilert, Nayke Heine, and Mike Trinchetto
 Personal Development - 1.0
  Session 9      
9.1 10:30-11:20 Improving Our Curriculum to Increase Student Success Lori Hatchell and Gina Jones Personal Development - 1.0
9.2 10:30-11:20 Navigating the Technology Frontier:  The Role of AI and Technology in Accounting Classrooms Laurie Burney Information Technology - 1.0
9.3 10:30-11:20 Get Ready!  Real-World Experience with QuickBooks Online Matthew Lowenkron Information Technology - 1.0
9.4 10:30-11:20 Technology in the Classroom - Keeping it Personalized Donald Frey Personal Development - 1.0
10:30-11:20AI-Powered Excel:  Teaching Resources for Data Analytics and More
Wendy Tietz and Tracie Miller
Information Technology - 1.0

  11:30 - 12:00  noon
Raffles, Rewards and Wrap-Up    
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