2021 Conference Schedule
Virtual Conference 

May 14 - 15, 2021

Zoom links to the sessions will be e-mailed by May 13th to those who have registered and paid.

Session Time Title Presenter NASBA Class Track


May 14

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  All times are Eastern Daylight Time Notes:  Times sessions may be adjusted some for final Program      
  9:30 - 10:30 Focus Groups (By Invitation Only)
  11:00-11:10 Welcoming Remarks      
  11:10-12:10 Keynote - What Do We Really Know About How People Learn C. Edward Watson
Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
  Session 1        
1A 12:30-1:20 Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization  and Analytics in Introductory Accounting John Wild
Specialized Knowledge - Basic Technology Track
1B 12:30-1:20 How we Adapted VITA During COVID and Lessons Learned Robyn Barrett and Amy Monsor Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
1C 12:30-1:20 Active Learning Strategies to Engage Students in Introductory Accounting Courses both Virtually and In-Person Lynn Clark
Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
1D 12:30-1:20 Keynote Follow-up -Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Workshop to Designing Better Classes C. Edward Watson Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
1E 12:30-1:20 Internet Monopoly for Accounting Students Glenn Smith
Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
1F 12:30-1:20 Teaching Insights from  Cook Prize Winners Karen Osterheld
Specialized Knowledge - Basic  


Sponsored Session (Pearson) - Incorporating Data Analytics into your Introductory Accounting Courses - Dashboard Projects  Wendy Tietz
Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
  Session 2        
2A 1:45-2:35 All New Introductory Accounting Data Analytics Projects in Excel, Power BI, and Tableau Tracie Miller-Nobles, Wendy Tietz, Jennifer Cainas Specialized Knowledge -Basic Technology Track
2B 1:45-2:35 Modern Day FLIP Classroom - Focused Learning to Inspire Participation Athena Mailoux and Maurizio Di Maio Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
2C 1:45-2:35 Student Engagement - Down the Rabbit Hole Agatha Engel
Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
2D 1:45-2:35 What Does CPA Evolution Mean to Accounting Education? Jan Taylor Morris,  Julia Woislaw, and Anna Howard Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
2E 1:45-2:35 Changing the Way Students Perceive Financial Accounting Wayne Thomas
Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
2F 1:45-2:35 Online Escape Rooms Leslie Van Wolverlear
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
2S 1:45-2:35 Sponsored Session   Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
  Session 3        
3A 3:00-3:50 I'm an Accountant, Not a Data Scientist! Carolyn Christesen
Specialized Knowledge-Basic Technology Track
3B 3:00-3:50 Student Engagement in F2F and Online Classes Susan Eason, John Mayes and Kristy McAuliffe Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
3C 3:00-3:50 Using DX Design Thinking to Enhance Your Students Learning Experience Jill Mitchell and Paul Kimmel Specialized Knowledge - Basic  
3D 3:00-3:50 Accounting Sudoku:  Making Introductory Accounting More Logic than Math Thomas Brinkman
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
3E 3:00-3:50 EY Academic Resource Center Ethics Mindset Curriculum Catherine Banks, David Wood and Greg Burton Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
3S 3:00-3:50 Sponsored Session      
  Session 4        
4A 4:15-5:05 Using Mozilla Hubs to Create a Classroom in Virtual Reality Mfon Akpan and Pau Guardiola Specialized Knowledge-Basic Technology Track
4B 4:15-5:05 Teaching in a Pandemic:  How to Drive Engagement and Connection in Times of Uncertainty Mark Edmonds, Chris Edmonds and Jennifer Edmonds Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
4C 4:15-5:05 Teaching Learning Science to Accounting Students Brenda Mattison
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
4D 4:15-5:05 Reducing the Racial/Ethnic Equity Gaps in Accounting Education Tim Madeley
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
4E 4:15-5:05

Industry Session - Otter Box

How to "Account" for the COVID Pandemic:  the Challenges of Working Thorough COVID from an Accounting Perspective with a Focus on Cost Accounting

Autumn DeMers (Accounting Manager),  Gerald Chen (CFO), and Maddie Hayes (Accounting Manager)
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
4S 4:15-5:05 Sponsored Session   Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
  Session 5        
5A 5:30-6:20 Free Cases for Financial Accounting that use Free Real-world Tableau Prep Builder Mark Friedman and Royce Burnett Specialized Knowledge-Basic Technology Track
5B 5:30-6:20 What COVID-19 has taught us about education, our students and ourselves…The digital future is now Cathy Scott and Markus Ahrens Specialized Knowledge Basic  
5C 5:30-6:20 Reach Them to Teach Them:  Storytelling in the Accounting Classroom Karen Farmer and Amy Fredin Specialized Knowledge Basic  
5D 5:30-6:20 Tax Update for 2021 and a Look at Pending Legislation
Steven Gill
Taxes Technical Basic  
5E 5:30-6:20

Industry Session - Robert Half

 2021 Hiring and Compensation Trends for Finance and Accounting Professionals

Eric Olson (District President for Robert Half)
 Specialized Knowledge Basic
5F 5:30-6:20 Create an Equitable Accounting Learning Environment with Cool Tools Monique Kelley and Regina L. Brown Specialized Knowledge Basic  
5S 5:30-6:20 Sponsored Session   Specialized Knowledge Basic  
 Happy Hour
6:30-8:30 Happy Hour and Trivia Games Trivia with Wendy Tietz    
Saturday, May 15          
  9:30 - 10:30 Focus Groups (By Invitation Only)      
  Session 6        
6A 11:00-11:50 Beyond the Accounting Books - Incorporating Excel, Soft Skills and Data Analytics Jerrilyn Eisenhauer
Specialized Knowledge Basic Technology Track
6B 11:00-11:50 Teaching Sustainability and Analytics Using a Continuous Managerial Case Stacey Whitecotton
Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
6C 11:00-11:50 Big Outcomes from Small Teaching in Introductory Financial Accounting Shana Clor-Proell
Specialized Knowledge Basic  
6D 11:00-11:50 Excel in Accounting:  Community Learning Experience Dawn McKinley and Enrique D'Amico Specialized Knowledge Basic  
6E 11:00-11:50 Utilizing EY Academic Resource Center Curriculum in Your Courses Tracie Miller-Nobles and Catherine Banks Specialized Knowledge Basic  
6S   Sponsored Session      
  Session 7        
7A 12:15-1:05 Accounting Technology in the Classroom - Insights for Teaching and Learning Tillie Parmar
Specialized Knowledge Basic Technology Track
7B 12:15-1:05 Beyond Publisher Materials: Build Algorithmic Assignments in Excel Doug Parker
Specialized Knowledge Basic  
7C 12:15-1:05 Establishing Teacher Presence Online Leslie Van Wolverlear Specialized Knowledge Basic  
7D 12:15-1:05 Sharing Alternative Ideas for Student Assessment Larry Stephensand Tracie Miller-Nobles Specialized Knowledge Basic  
7E 12:15-1:05 Fun, Interactive Group Activities to Engage Introductory Accounting Students in the Zoom Classroom Jill Mitchell and DeAnna Martin Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
7S 12:15-1:05 Sponsored Session   Specialized Knowledge-Basic  
  Session 8        
8A 1:30-2:20 Integrating Excel and Analytics Skills Throughout the Accounting Curriculum:  Student Activities Carolyn Christesen
Specialized Knowledge Basic Technology Track
8B 1:30-2:20 The Impact of Covid 19: Intermediate Accounting Practices and Other FASB Updates Wayne Thomas, Mark Nelson, and  David Spiceland Accounting Overview  
8C 1:30-2:20 Using the Flex Method to Teach Accounting Ron Krug
Specialized Knowledge Basic  
8D 1:30-2:20 It's All About the Benjamin $$$ of Black-Owned Businesses Idalene Williams
Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
8E 1:30-2:20 QuickBooks Online Live Carol Yacht and Matt Lowenkron Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
8S 1:30-2:20 Sponsored Session   Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
  Session 9        
9A 2:45-3:35 Effectively Using Excel and Data Analytics for Accounting at the Principles Level  Sheila Smith
Specialized Knowledge Basic Technology Track
9B 2:45-3:35 Ethics   Ethics - Basic  
9C 2:45-3:35 Concept Maps in Accounting Education
Toby York
Specialized Knowledge Basic  
9D 2:45-3:35 Conscious Capitalism as a Part of Business Sustainability Paul Kelson
Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
9E 2:45-3:35 The Building Blocks for Career Success:  Partnering with a Professional Organization Tyler Skelton and Mary Patterson Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
9F 2:45-3:35 Accounting Can Be Fun Pamela Simmons
Specialized Knowledge -Basic  
  3:45-4:15 Wrap-Up and Raffle      
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