A poster session is an informal, primarily graphic, way of presenting ideas. Major points should be displayed visually (in graphics & limited text) on the background “poster” area. Meeting participants (individually or in small groups) may walk by and ask questions about your topic. You likely will have to repeat your information multiple times during the time frame specified for your session.


The Effective Teaching Practices posters are 36” tall and 48” wide. The middle section is 24” wide, with a fold-out “wing” on each side which is 12” wide. They are made from foam-core and are black in color. Graphics & other information can be affixed directly to the units with tacks and so forth. (Materials will be provided to affix your information to the boards. You do not need to bring your own tacks, etc.)


Business cards – You may also want to have business cards to distribute.

Suggestions for preparing your poster display:

  • Include title, presenter’s name, and affiliation at top, middle of the poster
  • Think “visual” and easy-to-understand without much explanation from presenter
  • Graphics, photographs, and charts add interest
  • Text should be large enough to be seen from 5 feet away
  • 16 point or larger font size
  • Sans serif font (such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Verdana)
  • Information should “flow” from left to right in order to lead the viewer through it
  • Keep it simple, with minimal text

Many resources are available with tips for poster displays, such as:

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