2020 Conference Schedule
Portland, OR

*Student Engagement Track Session
**Data Analytics Track Session

Thursday, May 14, 2020

8:30- 2:00 Pre-Conference Data Analytics Workshop (sold out!)
2:15- 4:15 Pre-Conference Tour
2:00-6:30 Registration Desk is Open    
Welcome Reception and Exhibit Hall Open


Friday, May 15, 2020

Breakfast Buffet (Breakfast service will end at 8 am)

Late Registration


8:00 - 9:15

Welcome and Keynote

Teaching and Learning: Myths, Evidence, and Clear Paths Forward

C. Edward Watson

Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 1:

Keynote Follow-Up: 

Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Workshop to Designing Better Classes

C. Edward Watson

Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Student Engagement Reborn

David KrugSpecialized Knowledge - Basic* 
9:30-10:20 Real Data Analytics in a 2-year Accounting ProgramKenneth DuVall and Douglas McDougal Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
9:30-10:20 Creating Clear Learning Paths in Your Introductory Accounting CourseJill Mitchell and Paul Kimmel Information Technology
9:30-10:20 Today is a great day to…teach accounting!Monique Kelley Specialized Knowledge - Basic
9:30-10:20 Making Internships a Positive Learning Experience
Marilyn Brooks-Lewis Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Developing a Robust Online Presence for your Accounting Certificate Programs

Mike Deschamps Specialized Knowledge - Basic
9:30-10:20 Sponsor Session
Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 2:

Enhancing the Learning Environment for LGBT StudentsLisa Gray and Joe Wehle Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 Can I Teach Students How to Learn?
Karen Farmer Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
10:40-11:30 Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization and Analytics in Introductory AccountingJohn Wild Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
10:40-11:30 Synchronous Distance Learning
Brenda Mattison Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 Using Gamification to Teach QuickBooks OnlineJennifer Johnson Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 A Practical Approach to Teaching Payroll Accounting
Eric Weinstein Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Accounting can be fun?!?

Pamela Simmons
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40 - 11:30 Sponsor Session Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Lunch/Scholarship Presentation at 11:50 a.m.


Session 3:

Tax UpdateSteve Gill Taxes Technical - Basic
12:50-1:40 Changing the Way Students Perceive Financial AccountingWayne Thomas Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
12:50-1:40 Data Analytics Cases for Introductory AccountingWendy Tiez and Tracie Miller-Nobles Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
12:50-1:40 Building Educational Relationships Between Community and College
Christy Lefevers and Darcie Tumey Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40Old Dog…New Tricks

Linda Tarrago

Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Online Learning - the Unexpected Solution
Kitty ODonnell
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Industry Speaker
Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsor Session

Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 4:

Impact the Future: Paradigm Shifts in Accounting TechnologySusan Crosson Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Strategies to Improve Success in an Online Accounting CourseDominique Svarc Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
1:50-2:40 Business Analytics Using Tableau PublicJodi Olson Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
1:50-2:40 An Introduction to Flex Courses
Ron Krug Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Teaching Accounting to Non-Accounting Students
Richard Fleishman Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Teaching Introductory Financial Accounting: What Can We Lean from the Past
Jefferson Jones and Carl Warren Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Countering the Notion of "Acceptable Cheating"
M. Ludden, B. Bindschatel, P. Carter, and J. Fohm Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsor Session

Specialized Knowledge - Basic

2:40-3:10 Refreshment Break 


Session 5:

3:10-4:00 Developing and Delivering Quality Online and Hybrid Courses
Robyn Barrett and Amy Monson Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Improving Student Retention and Success in Introductory AccountingKelli Blount Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
3:10-4:00 Excel, Analytics, and Soft Skills…Oh, My!Jerrilyn Eisenhauer Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
3:10-4:00Income Tax Labs/Projects Using a Professional Grade SoftwareJay Thibodeaux Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Using QuickBooks OnlineCarol Yacht and Matt Lowenkron Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Big Outcomes from Small Teaching in Introductory Financial Accounting
Shana Clor-Proell Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Preparing Our Students for the Future - The Future is Now!

Charlene and J. David Spiceland Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Sponsor Session Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 6:

The Accounting Readiness Program: An Inclusive Refresher to Level the Playing Field
Christina Manzo and Mark Ulrich Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Getting Students to Care More About AccountingTed Takamura Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
4:10-5:00 Decision Analytics: Is it still "the next big thing?"Stacey Whitecotton Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
4:10-5:00 Strategies for Teaching Millennial's and Generation ZSusan Miller Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Can Your Students Add and Subtract? Integrating Basic Math in Introductory Accounting
Tracie Miller-Nobles, Denise White, and Colleen Hosking Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 For the Fun of it! Bringing Gamification into the Classroom
Jonathan Wild Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Multicultural Competency and Global Perspectives for Accounting and Business Students
Usha Ramanujam Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsor Session

Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Saturday, May 16, 2020
7:30-8:30 Continental Breakfast


Session 7:

8:30-9:20 Improve grades, retention, and graduation rates by integrating High Impact Practices (HIPs) into your accounting courseHisel Gobble Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20 Who Said Accounting is Boring? How to Engage Non-Accounting Majors
Jill Mitchell and DeAnna Martin Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
8:30-9:2020 Excel Tips and Tricks for Teaching Data AnalyticsWendy Tietz and Tracie Miller-Nobles Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
8:30-9:20 Academic Integrity in an Online Environment - Preventive Strategies and SolutionsJennifer Cornett and Jefferson JonesSpecialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20  Pretraining for Academic Success
Michell Boldt Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Integrating QuickBooks and Traditional Accounting to Increase Understanding and Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Trish Conlon and Eric Weinstein

Specialized Knowledge - Basic

8:30-9:20The Changing Landscape of Accounting Education:  Level Up Your Teaching Effectiveness with Technology Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20 Sponsor Session Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Session 8:

9:30-10:20 Poster Session and Technology Session

Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 9:

Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Tips to Engage Students in Managerial AccountingConnie Belden Specialized Knowledge - Basic*
10:30-11:20 Problems and Solutions to Integrating Data Analytics at Your 2 Year College
William Jefferson Specialized Knowledge - Basic**
10:30-11:20 Excel with Fundamental AccountingSheila Hammon and Rita Mintz Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Strategies for Building the Pipeline of Students in Your Accounting ProgramsMagot Cella and Tehnyia Stewart Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Business Math in 21 Days?
Marie Bok Specialized Knowledge - Basic

 Sponsor Session

Specialized Knowledge - Basic

11:30-12:00  Raffles, Rewards, and Wrap-Up

 *Student Engagement Track Session

**Data Analytics Track Session

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