2019 Conference Schedule
Fort Worth, TX

Thursday, May 16, 2019
8:30- 2:00 Pre-Conference Data Analytics Workshop (Sold Out!)    
2:15- 4:15 Pre-Conference Tour (Sold Out!)    
2:00-6:30 Registration Open    
Welcome Reception and Exhibit Hall Open


Friday, May 17, 2019

Breakfast Buffet (Breakfast service will end at 8 am)

Late registration

8:00 - 9:15

Welcome and Keynote

Why Don't My Students Think I'm Groovy? The New "R"s for Engaging & Motivating Modern Learners

Christy Price Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 1:

Keynote Follow-Up: Captivating Mini-Lectures Workshop. Averting Death by Academic PowerPoint! From Killer Professors to Killer Presenters Christy Price Specialized Knowledge - Basic
Introductory to Intermediate Accounting - Issues and Answers Jeff Jones and Carl Warren
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
9:30-10:20 Development of OER-based Introductory Financial Accounting Text and Ancillary Resources David Annand
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
9:30-10:20 Blockchain Technology: What's Real, What's Here, and Where Are We Headed? Susan Crosson
Information Technology
9:30-10:20 Teaching Accounting Online: Tips for Success William Holmes
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
9:30-10:20 Rex Kwan Do -- A Case Study to Introduce Students to Critical Analysis of Accounting Information David Krug Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: Preparing Students for the Future of Work: Closing the Skills Gap and Data Analytics

Roshelle Overton and Christine Cheng Specialized Knowledge - Basic



Session 2:

Protect Yourself with a Copyright Perry Edwards
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 Data Analytics in Introductory Accounting Wendy Tietz and Tracie Miller-Nobles Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 QuickBooks Now: Making the Transition from Desktop to Online Carol Yacht and Matthew Lowenkron
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 The Enactus Helps 5th Graders Succeed at the Jump Start Market
Lori McClaren Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 Engaging Students Through Non-Traditional Methods Teresa Thompson
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:40-11:30 Teaching Intermediate Accounting Online - Promoting Interaction
Nammy Lee Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: EY Academic Resource Center (EYARC) - Developing an Innovation Mindset

Catherine Banks  Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Lunch/Scholarship Presentation


Session 3:

Tax Update Steve Gill
Taxes Technical - Basic
12:50-1:40 Best Classroom Management Practices Teaching QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Pat Hartley
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Thinking Outside the Ledger: Accounting Analytics and Visualization John Wild and Jonathan Wild
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Teaching Ethics in Accounting When Your Syllabus is Packed Connie Belden Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Improving Written Communication Skills While Analyzing Annual Reports Kate McNeil
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
12:50-1:40 Industry Session: University of North Texas-Dallas Accounting in Higher Education Rafiu Fashina Accounting Governmental
12:50-1:40 Tips, Tricks and Techniques for New Accounting Instructors Jeanette Landin and Paulette Schirmer Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: Be Accountable for your Students' Success with Quickbooks Certification

Jeff Christensen Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 4:

Teaching Without Debits and Credits, Yes? No? Come Join the Discussion! Chris Edmonds and Tom Edmonds
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 GASB and Nonprofit Accounting Update Terry Patton and Suesan Patton
Accounting Governmental
1:50-2:40 Data Analytics in Intermediate Accounting Charlene Spiceland and David Spiceland
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Teaching Learning Science to Accounting Students, One Tip at a Time
Brenda Mattison Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 I Got a 54 On My First Accounting Exam! Kitty ODonnell Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Incorporating Virtual Reality in the Classroom Mfon Akpan
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
1:50-2:40 Accounting Student Panel

Cathy Scott, Moderator
Caylla Cotton, Colleen Delaney, Garret Heston, and Akindamola Ojo

Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: Integrating Data Analytics into the Accounting Curriculum: Where, What, and How

Guido Geerts and Gail Hoover King Specialized Knowledge - Basic

2:40-3:10 Refreshment Break 


Session 5:

3:10-4:00 Enhancing the Learning Environment for LGBT and Minority Students
Lisa Gray and Joe Wehle Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Active Learning Strategies to Engage Students in Introductory Accounting Courses Lynn Clark
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 The Future of Technology and Accounting Education: Developing Creative, Critical Thinkers Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 How to Get Your Students Engaged in the Hybrid/Flipped Classroom DeAnna Martin
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 Success fx: "=iTeach*EXCEL" Jerrilyn Eisenhauer
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
3:10-4:00 I Sleep Better at Night: A Teacher Who Grades Less
Candace Boesiger Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: Practical Ways to Incorporate Critical Thinking in Introductory Accounting Courses

Tracie Miller-Nobles and Brenda Mattison Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 6:

Identifying and Creating Employment Focused Career Pathways for Your Accounting Program
Michael Deschamps Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 A Hybrid Capstone Course with a Specialty Buffet Sheila Smith
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Integrating "Hot Topics" such as Sustainability and Data Analytics in Introductory Managerial Accounting Stacey Whitecotton
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Using Course Outcomes to Drive Creative Learning Experiences Kenneth DuVall and Douglas McDougal
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 BlendFlex: The Format of the Future Roshelle Overton
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Using Digital Badges to Retain and Motivate Students
Linda McGee Specialized Knowledge - Basic
4:10-5:00 Teaching Students with Disabilities - Are You an Asset or Liability?
Kelley Butler Specialized Knowledge - Basic

Sponsored Session: KPMG University Connection: Resources for Use in the Classroom

Lisa Francisco  Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Saturday, May 16, 2020

7:30-8:30 Continental Breakfast


Session 7:

8:30- Flowers or Weeds? Planting a Growth Mindset Cultivates the Seeds of Success Kristy McAuliffe, Susan Eason, and John Mayes
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20 Governmental and Non-for-Profit Accounting: Delivering a Course That Prepares Two-Year Students for the Workplace
Shelia Ammons
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20 Integrating Big Data and Data Analytics in a 2-year Accounting Program
Kenneth DuVall and Douglas McDougal
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20 Using Technology to Teach Technology
Jennifer Johnson and Gayle Williams
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
8:30-9:20  Developing and Maintaining Ethics in the Profession
Ryan Hirsch Behavioral Ethics

Sponsored Session: Empower Your Students-Free QuickBooks from Intuit Education

Josh Phelon Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 8:

9:30-10:20 Poster Session and Technology Hands On Roundtables

P1: "With Flying Colors" - A Fun Approach to Understanding EUP

P2: Cost Accounting with Gingerbread Houses

P3: CPA or EA - Highlighting Some Key Differences Between Those Pathways

P4: Southern Industries: A Realistic Simulation of Substantive Testing for Accounts Receivable

P5: Make Course Content More Accessible with ALLY, the Accessibility Checking Tool

P6: Debits vs Credits: Do Your Students Struggle to Remember Normal Account Balances?

P7: Mini-lectures and Short Demonstration Problem in Online Accounting Classes

P8: Creating and Using Annotated PowerPoints

P9: Cost Accounting in Show Business: A Service-Learning Project

P10: Would Your Online  Course Pass a DOE Audit?

P11: Diversifying Your 2-Year Accounting Program Using Data Analytics

P12: Active Learning Strategy: Writing to Learn in Undergraduate Accounting Courses

P13: Using the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program to Enhance Student Learning Utilizing the Pathways Vision Model

P14: Cancelled

P15: Final Project for Managerial Accounting using Excel

P16: Introducing Data Analytics in the Introductory Accounting Courses

T1: Incorporating Virtual Reality in the Classroom

T2: Data Visualization to Engage Introductory Students

T3: Embedding QR Codes into Customized Textbooks

T4: Kahoot Challenge - Engage and Assess Your Students with Gamification Outside of the Classroom

T5: Speaking the Language of Today's Student

P1: Elida Kraja

P2: Kristine Barron

P3: Michael Deschamps

P4: Leslie Blix

P5: Susan Davis

P6: Maryann Ludden

P7: Lily Davidov

P8: Jennifer Oliver and Heidi Fitzgerald

P9: Mark Ulrich

P10: Richard Mandai

P11: William Jefferson

P12: Julie Frink

P13: Amy Monson

P15: Sheila Smith

P16: Wendy Tietz and Tracie Miller-Nobles

T1: Mfon Akpan

T2: Jonathan Wild

T3: Robert Smolin

T4: Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott

T5: Debora Constable

Specialized Knowledge - Basic


Session 9:

Fly-by-Wire (FbW), an Open-Source Learning Technology Denice Pardee, Jane Joyce and Susan Mellace
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Active Learning Strategies for Online Courses Julia Frink
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Making Accounting Come Alive in Dual Credit Classrooms
Trish Conlon Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Giving Students a Chance to Think Julie Hansen
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 Tackling Teaching Together Roundtables Lori Hatchell
Specialized Knowledge - Basic
10:30-11:20 FASB Update
Betsy Gordon Accounting

 Sponsored Session: Innovating Accounting Education with EdTech

Judith Cambridge and XingDong Yan Specialized Knowledge - Basic

11:30-12:00  Raffles, Rewards, and Wrap-Up


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